Welcome to Waves of Calm Counseling & Wellness, PLLC–

I am a licensed mental health counselor specializing in the treatment of grief and traumatic loss. Grief is, by itself, probably the worst “emotional pain” we will feel, and it has the ability to turn our lives upside down.

Grief is a natural and normal part of life and of the human experience. We will all experience loss at one time or another. Many people are able to work through grief on their own and with the support of friends and family. They give themselves permission to grieve and to feel their emotions. They slowly create and adjust to a “new normal” and are able to keep positive thoughts and memories of their lost loved one tucked in their heart.

Sometimes grief can become complicated. Complicated grief is a term used to describe a chronic pattern of thoughts and behaviors that may be focused on avoidance or denial of the loss and obsessive thoughts or images relating to the loss. Grief-related emotions are usually felt more intense and of a much longer duration. Saddest of all, complicated grief may keep you from being able to remember or focus on any positive memories of your lost loved one or from being able to find peace in your life moving forward.

Complicated grief may also be known as persistent complex bereavement disorder when the symptoms significantly interfere with a person’s daily functioning and quality of life. This is especially true if symptoms of severe depression, anxiety or insomnia are present. There are many factors that may lead to complicated grief including a sudden and unexpected loss, the nature of death, and not having closure or the opportunity to say goodbye to your loved one.

I work primarily with people who are struggling with complicated grief – people who have gotten “stuck” in their grief journey, for one reason or another. I help you to discover this reason and to work through your grief in a way that, ideally, gives a better understanding of the emotions you are feeling and the ability to manage those emotions, along with a new perspective on your loss – one that brings more peace and “good” memories to the surface.

Consider one client’s testimony:

“I highly recommend Heather for Grief Counseling. I came to her about a year after my mother’s sudden passing. I had also lost my father 2 1/2 years prior. Heather helped identify I was suffering from complicated grief and helped me work through different techniques to cope and accept the loss of my parents. She made it a priority to get to the root of the issues quickly and does it in the most compassionate way. She has truly changed my outlook on life for the better. I really appreciate you, Heather, for everything you’ve done and continue to do. The world needs more people like you!” ~ A. B.

If you are struggling to cope with your grief or think you may be “stuck,” please reach out to me, and we can talk more about it. I would be both happy and honored to accompany you in your grief journey and towards a path of healing.